main course




500 grams mutton liver (kaleji), cut into small pieces
3 tablespoons oil
7-8 black peppercorns
3-4 green cardamoms
½ teaspoon cumin seeds
1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste
2 medium onions, finely chopped
1 teaspoon coriander powder
¾ teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon red chilli powder
½ teaspoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon garam masala powder
1 green chilli, slit
Salt to taste
1 tablespoon chopped fresh coriander leaves
1 tablespoon butter
Juice of ½ lemon


1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add peppercorns, cardamoms and cumin seeds and sauté for 30 seconds.
2. Add ginger-garlic paste and little water, mix and sauté for a minute. Add onions, mix and sauté till golden.
3. Add coriander powder, cumin powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder and garam masala powder and mix. Add little water, mix and cook till the oil separates from the sides of the pan.
4. Add green chilli and mix well. Add mutton liver, mix and cook for a minute. Add salt and some water, mix and cook for a minute. Cover and cook till the liver is fully done.
5. Add coriander leaves and mix. Add butter, mix and let it melt. Add lemon juice, mix and switch off heat.
6. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.




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