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DAAB CHINGRI is a traditional Bengali preparation of prawns cooked in mustard and filled inside a coconut to get a combined flavor of mustard and soft,tender coconut cream.

INGREDIENTS- 1 green coconut (which has started to form layers of cream inside), salt to taste, 500 gm medium sized prawns deveined,mustard oil 4 tbsp,2 tbsp grated coconut,1/2 cup green coconut water,1 tbsp sugar,2 tbsp mustard paste,2 green chillies.


1. Make a paste of coconut with mustard paste in mixer.Add salt and sugar to it.

2. Heat up 2 tbsp oil in a pan.Fry the prawns a little.Dont overfry please.

3. Now mix green coconut water,2 tbsp oil,mustard & coconut paste together. Pour it into the green coconut (which has started to form layers of cream inside) with 2 green chillies and fried prawns.

4. Cover the hole on green coconut and put it into microwave oven.Set your highest temp for 15 mins.Now its done.Take out the prawns with gravy and also the melted soft coconut cream to serve.

5. Serve with steamed plain rice.






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